Message From The President

As a young girl, I vividly recall accompanying my mother to rallies focused on improving the conditions in our neighborhood.

Despite my tender age, I comprehended the significance of these gatherings and eagerly participated however I could.

Witnessing people take action and effect change in the face of injustice captivated me, and I harbored a deep-seated belief that, as I grew older, I would contribute to organizations dedicated to community involvement.

Life took its twists and turns; I got married and relocated to Fort Lauderdale. However, fate intervened when a friend introduced me to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee. This connection reignited my passion for community activism, aligning with my childhood experiences attending rallies against injustice.

Over the past two decades, my commitment to the committee has only deepened. Simultaneously, my professional journey as a videoconference specialist for BECON TV equipped me with valuable skills and insights.


When the challenges of the Covid-19 era emerged, I found myself at the forefront of innovation within our organization. We pioneered one of the first virtual King Holiday conferences in Fort Lauderdale, bringing community leaders together in a digital space.


Following this impactful event, I was honored to be entrusted with the role of Board Chair for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee. In my second year in this position, I am on a continuous learning journey.


Looking ahead, my aspirations for the organization extend beyond organizing events. I am driven to foster advocacy and education, ensuring that the legacy of Dr. King perseveres not only in our local community but also resonates in others.


My  goal is to build upon our past successes, using our platform to amplify the values of justice and equality, and contribute to a lasting impact on communities near and far.


Joy Veasy, MLKCC Board Chair